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Enrollment Category:

One-year Chinese language advanced student

One-year college preparatory student

(International Commerce、Textile Design)

Recruitment Object:

Non Chinese citizens with high school certificate


One academic year at least


Language Study: Comprehensive Chinese, Oral Chinese,

Chinese Reading and Listening, Chinese Culture

Learning Method:

Online learning in the first semester.

Whether or not to arrange entry and study depending on the situation in the second semester.

Application Eligibility:

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens over the age of 18 and in good health conditions;

Applicants must be high school or college graduates.

Registration Time:

Deadline for applications before July 31, 2021, school starts in September.


1.Registration fee: RMB 300 per person, not charged during the online learning stage.

2.Tuition fee: RMB 4800 per academic year, the school adopts a full scholarship for reduction and exemption.

3.Accommodation fee: RMB 2,000 per semester, not charged for online learning.

4.Other expenses: The student shall pay for the expenses such as residence permit, medical examination fee, insurance fee, and book fee during the entry study stage.

Application Materials:

(1) “Application Form for Foreign Students to HPI”

(2)Original or copy of senior high school diploma


(4) Original or copy senior high school graduation transcripts

(5)Proof of Chinese proficiency or English proficiency

(6) Original or copy the“Medical Examination Form”

(7)Original or copy of the certificate of no criminal record

(8)Copy of personal passport photo page

(9)Recent personal digital passport photo


 Application Form for Foreign Students to HPI.doc

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