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Health Management Department

Infant Care and Service Management

Food Inspection and Testing Technology

Environmental Monitoring Technology

Drug Production Technology

Applied Chemical Engineering Technology

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering 


Electromecanical Equipment Technology

Machinery Design and Manufacture

Electric Automation

Industrial Robotics

Business Administration Department

Big Data and Financial Management

Statistics and Accounting

Flight Attendant

Big Data and Accounting

Textile Engineering Department

Textile Design

Digital Dyeing and Finishing Technology

Textile Inspection and Trade

Information Engineering Department

Applied Technology of Computer

Big Data Technology

Cloud Computing Technology and Application

Modern Mobile Communication Technology

Modern Communication Technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology and Application

Internet of Things Application Technology

Business & Trade Department

Modern Logistics Management

Electronic  Commerce

Cross-border E-commerce


International Commerce

Network News and Communication

Art & Design Department

Art Design

Environmental Art Design

Animation Production Technology

Digital Media Art Design

International Fashion School

Clothing Design and Technology

Clothing and Apparel Design

Character Image Design

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