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Textile Engineering Department

Department introduction:

The Department of Textile and Garment Engineering was founded in 1986, and is one of the earliest textile and garment institutions in the province, which has four majors, namely, Clothing and Apparel Design, Clothing Design and Technology, Textile Design,Character Image Design. Among them, Textile Design is the State Finance Support Major, Clothing Design and Technology is the Provincial Characteristic Majors. Clothing and Apparel Design, Character Image Design are the school's characteristics majors. In 2006, it was awarded "Shandong Garment Industry Talent Cultivation Contribution award" by Shandong Garment Industry Association. In 2012, the department successfully organized the 6th National College Students’ Textile and Fabric Design Competition.

Excellent Teaching Team:

There are 39 full-time and part-time teachers in the department, including 10 professors and associate professors, 1 Doctor and 25 postgraduates. Two teachers have been awarded the title of "Chief Technician" by the government of Shandong Province, two teachers have won the title of "Top Ten Designers" of Shandong Province. Several teachers have won gold, silver and bronze awards in national and provincial fashion design competitions.

Solid Practical Facilities:

There are perfect practical training conditions in the Department of Textile and Garment Engineering. There are 18 first-rate professional practical training centers, including Textile Integrated Design Practice Center, Three-Dimensional Cutting Practice Center, CAD Center, as well as Manufacturing Practice Center. Zibo Textile and Garment Industry Design Center, Shun Tang Institute of Chinese Traditional Dress Culture, Pu Lanfang High Couture studio, Shoe Design Center; In cooperation with American PTC Software Company, Israeli Browzwear Company, Shenzhen Bock Software Company and Shandong Haisibao Clothing co.LTD., a virtual simulation working platform for textile and garment industrialization has been established.

School-Enterprise Cooperation:

Cooperating with Show Long clothing Co., Ltd., Nanshan Group, Qingdao Red Collar Group, Lu Thai Textile Co.Ltd , Yinshilai Textile (group) Co.Ltd., Vosges Group, and so on. About more than 30 textile and garment enterprises established close relationship with us, and some technology research and development platforms have formed to cultivate students innovative design capabilities and skills aiming to serve the industry.

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