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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department

The department of mechanical and electrical engineering now holds five majors: mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management, electrical automation technology, mechanical design and manufacturing, industrial robotics and automobile marketing and service. Mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management and electrical automation technology are the specialties of the college, and the teaching team of electric automation technology is the prominent one of the college.

Brilliant teachers and advanced facilities:

There are more than 1,500 students and 42 full-time teachers, including 2 doctors, 11 members of associate senior titles and above and four senior technicians. In recent years, the teachers of the department have published more than 40 papers in core journals, edited or participated in compiling 14 textbooks, presided over seven projects above the provincial level, and participated in 12 projects involving enterprise product design and reconstruction technology. The department holds 14 training rooms, including programmable control system integrated training room and CAD design training room. Besides, four domestic first-class intelligent manufacturing orientation training bases have been set up, which include intelligent manufacturing training center, 3D printing maker center, mechatronics integration training room and industrial robot training room.

Driven by innovation and guided by intelligence:

Cooperated with Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co., Ltd, the department has started Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing, established intelligent manufacturing training bases and implemented the school-running mode of “admission to school means entering enterprise; going to college means employment”. Moreover, the agreements on order cultivation and joint education have been signed with more than 30 renowned enterprises such as Shandong Guojin Auto and Qingdao Hisense. Zibo Science and Technology Bureau has established Zibo Textile Equipment Automation Control Engineering Technology Research Center in the department; Zibo High-skilled Talent Training Base has been started together with Shandong Fakai Automation Co., Ltd; Qingdao Hisense has set up a “white household appliance training center” in the department, which provides an educational teaching platform with a real production environment and teaching and research integrated for students.

Student associations, creativity and innovation:

A number of student associations, such as College students’ Science and Technology Society, have been established to organize various practical activities and develop scientific and technological innovation. The students and teaching staff  have been participating in the national and provincial vocational college  skill contests and mechanical and electrical product innovation design competitions for college students. The department has won more than 50 national and provincial awards and applied for 32 patents. What’s more,it has been awarded the titles of Shandong Excellent University Students’ Association for Science and Technology and Shandong Excellent Service Team for Social Activities.

Well-paid employment and decent occupation:

The department has established internship and employment cooperation with more than 120 well-known enterprises in and outside Shandong province, developed a perfect employment guidance and service system and implemented personalized instructions,precise service and whole-process service, with high salaries and good careers development for graduates.

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