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Business & Trade Department

Business and Trade Department now offers four majors in all: E-commerce, Logistics Management, Marketing, International Business, which are at technological academy education level. There are over 1200 junior college students in our department at present. Teaching staff includes 32 full-time and 20 part-time teachers from industry, five of whom have associate professors titles and above. In 2015, the construction of provincial teaching team of logistics management specialty as a project was approved by Shandong Province Education Department and has been constructed . In 2018, we applied to construct the provincial level group of Internet commerce brand professional specialty and was permitted. In 2018, the sub-project of the national teaching resource library was approved by Ministry of Education .

Department attaches great importance to the cooperation between colleges and enterprises. We cooperate in running schools with Beijing Zhongqing Research Institute of Information Technology to recruit and train students. We work with Shandong Lebaite Lectronic Commerce Co., LTD. to set up "order form classes" to train students as needed by company. In addition, we signed a cooperation agreement to construct profession and cultivate professional talents with 18 companies such as Jingdong Group, SF Express, Fonda Electric Business Park and many other companies.

We have established seven comprehensive training rooms such as Cross-border electricity and two campus real-project training bases, one innovation business incubator "Internet commerce maker-space studio", where Dunhuang Internet and other enterprises are introduced to carry out the real operating projects for social services.

There are abundant teaching and scientific research achievements , including 4 provincial excellent courses such as "Warehouse Management Practices" and 12 college-level high-quality courses. More than 10 provincial and national level scientific research programs have been carried out. In addition, over 10 textbooks have been developed and compiled. We encourage and organize students to participate in various competitions, gaining many prizes: 3 national first prize, 6 second prize , 12 third prize.

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