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Information Engineering Department

General Information

The Department of Information Engineering was established in 2006. There are 7 majors, which are Mobile Application Development, Mobile Communication Technology, Communication Technology, Applied Technology of Computer, BigData Technology and Application, Internet of  Things Application Technology, Cloud Computing Technology and Application. It has more than 700 sets of instruments and equipment and more than 1500 students. With decade’s development, we focus on the new-generation information technology industry and connect closely with regional economy and industry needs to form two major groups in the technology fields-communication and computer. We have built BestLink•HUAWEI Network Technology College and Software College cooperating with well-known domestic enterprises. More than 5,000 talents with high skill and quality have been delivered to regional IT and CT industries.

Faculty & Staff

Full-time faculty led by provincial-level teaching experts and enterprise experts form our excellent teaching team. There are 10 full-time teachers with senior titles and 14 teachers with professional qualification. There are 10 enterprise experts with Huawei gold medal lecturers’ qualification and 5 engineers. Teachers in our department have won 1 national award and 9 provincial awards. We have presided over and participated in 36 projects and teaching reform programs, all of which are above the provincial level. 37 teaching materials were edited and 6 patents were established. 84 papers about teaching and research were published.

The Professor, Yanghua LIU, the leader of the team, has received many honors, including “Outstanding Teacher of Shandong Province”, “The 10th Shandong Province Teaching Master of Vocational College” , 2016 Shandong Province Moral pace – setter of colleges and universities ” and “Shandong Province Vocational College Masters Studio Host”. He serves as member of two committees-National Textile and Apparel Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee and the Digital Teaching Resources Construction Guiding Committee. He is also an expert both in the procurement evaluation of the Shandong Provincial Government and evaluation of the information technology teaching competition in Shandong Vocational Colleges. He has a strong influence on the industry, imparting, helping, and leading the team members, and plays an important leading role in professional construction and development.

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