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International Fashion School

International Fashion School of Shandong Vocational College of Light Industry was established in December 2020. It is a mixed ownership secondary college jointly established by Shandong Vocational College of Light Industry and Shanghai Saite Silk Import and Export Co., Ltd. The International Fashion School has hired Professor Zhou Xudong (the former deputy leader and dean of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts Preparatory Group) as the dean. And hired Han Sheng (the vice chairman of the Chinese Dramatists Association and the director of the International Key Laboratory of the Shanghai Theatre Academy) and Lin Xun (the dean of the School of Art and Design, Shanghai University of Applied Sciences , and the doctoral tutor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and other well-known experts as development consultants and visiting professors. Integrating the high-end resources of "Yangtze River Delta Fashion Industry Alliance", "China Application Color System Color Education Innovation Center", and "Fashion Industry Talent Growth Alliance" to create a high-end talent training platform, we strive to become the cradle of influential fashion talents in China.

We introduce the trinity of "studio + master + platform" from the American Parsons School of Design and the "idea + ability + innovation" talent training model of multi-dimensional integration, the teaching mode of "Master + Studio + Project Practice". Relying on the on-campus studio and more than 20 operation platforms of independent designer brand, we construct a fashion design course system. The practical teaching mode of "project leadership + teamwork + platform promotion" is implemented to realize the internationalization of classroom teaching content and the marketization of teaching results.

Through the integration of production and education, the college implements a mixed ownership system, and plans to set up five majors, including clothing and apparel design, and character image design, with more than 1,000 students. School-enterprise cooperation creates internship training bases and employment alliances in the school region, the Shanghai Yangtze River Delta region, and overseas (New York, Hong Kong, London) to ensure high-quality internships and high-end employment.

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